Sunday, 5 January 2014

Memory Card Recovery ( Free Download )

Now you can recover your memory card easily. Card Recovery recover those files which is deleted accidentally from you or lost through damaging card. You can easily recover images, videos and other files of your memory card. It is useful to recover the memory card files. You can recover those files which are common and can run on your mobile phone. Mostly files like videos in MP4, Audio Files, Flash Files are recovered through this software.

Card Recovery is  used for read only operation. It can't write any operation from himself. From using this you have no risk to loose data because when you will use this software you can read only data but can't edit or rewrite. You can recover files and save any drive of your computer on that you want.

The usually image files are supported by some common software's are (JPEG, TIFF, AVI, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, WAV .... and others). You have many other files and options to recover your data from your memory card. Using this software you can understand many other features that I will not tell you for other features you can download it and Start Using this.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Free Download BitComet and Install

Hey guys today am sharing BitComet with you...
What is BitComet ? And Why we should download and use it. Read in this Article Hope it will be helpful for you.

BitComet is used for Downloading torrent files with high speed. You can set download and upload limit of BitComet. It's also light in size. You can download and install your computer speed will not effect.

BitComet is a freeware software that usually used. It's have more compatibility that it will give / show you the screen shots that kept by uploader in the file. You can use other settings which you will know after installation.

You can also login BitComet and track the history. You must choose high seedings torrents so that you can download file with full speed. You can pause a torrent and download it later and also download more than 1 files at a time.

You can set the values from options that you want. Here above and below you can see screen shots.

All Credit goes to Filehippo For Screen Shots.
Article Credit Goes To ADmin... IT Naama

IT Naama Team

Friday, 3 January 2014

Free Download Face off Max

Hello Friends!
Hope you will be fine and enjoying your life using latest technologies. Am also giving you a software that will keep you happy and you can enjoy your life with this amazing tool. Below is the description of the tool you can read it for using...


Description :-

Face off Max is the tool that edit your face. From this tool you can change faces of any two picture or one. You can also change faces more than 2 pictures as you required. This package includes some templates you can experiment on it. You can make funny pictures through this tool. It's useful for those who want to make fun. And give people to relaxation.

Features :-

You can also make a picture using it's template directory. Select object and fit them as you required. Arranging your pictures perfectly you can make funny pictures. The package also available for professional artist who want to work fastly.

Share your fun with your friends. You can easily share your designed pictures with your friends using face off max on facebook, twitter, mySpace, Yahoo, Google+ and Other Sites.

It is easy to use and understand the interface of the tool. You can also use help to get some help from where you didn't understand that what you should do. You can follow the guideline it will help you to make a perfect picture.

Text adding with Face off Max
When you make a picture and see it... you feel that it's incomplete due to some reason like captions (funny, quote text) add them through Face off Max.

IT Naama Team

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Computer Graphics by John F. Hughes Van Dam McGuire and Foley 3rd Edition

Download Computer Graphics Principle and Practice 3rd Edition PDF

Writers :
  • John F. Hughes
  • Andries van dam
  • Morgan McGuire
  • David SKlar
Publisher :  Addison Wesley Professional
Date of Publish :  July 2013
File Type: PDF / E-Book
ISBN-10 :  0321399528
Pages : 1264
File Size : 19mb

Hope this book will help you for increasing your skils.

Basics Information of HTML

Hello Friends!
Today am going to start again HTML. I am already given to you a brief introduction of HTML. In this tutorial I will teach you some basics of HTML. And I will also given you some settings for Notepad++.
I will recommend you Notepad++ latest version. Because it is simple to use and will give you a style to design through which you can easily edit your HTML code later. And you can build a layout of your website effectively. You can also use Dreamweaver for developing a website. But you should take start from Notepad++. I will share the link of Dreamweaver as I feel that you should use Dreamweaver now.

Now open Notepad++.

 Above window will open when you run the notepad++. Now click on setting as I highlight that tab. When you click on setting then drop down menu will show and click on Preferences. After that Below window will be open...

 When above window will open then click on Auto-Completion that is in left-bar. When you will click on Auto-Completion Below screen will open...

 Now apply these setting that you see in above window. what's there purpose you will know when you will used it. It's very effective for working fastly. Now I will come towards my topic that is the basics of HTML.

WHAT is <!DOCTYPE html> ?

It's describe that our document type is HTML. How we will use it? After reading basics I will teach you how we can use it. Using this markup tag our basic purpose is that we want to make a HTML file. It's use for internet explorer because some browser can't understand directly our HTML file still we didn't use this tag.

WHAT is <html> and </html> ?

If we will not use this tag our website will working but we will not follow the standard  rules. We must careful about the standards of Developing a Website. <html> is a starting markup tag. We tell browser that we want to make an HTML file and we will do our work in these tags. </html> is an ending markup tag that tell to browser that out HTML file closed and we don't want to work anymore. You will do your work in these tags
<!DOCTYPE html>
 Your work will be here 

You should follow the rules. If you will follow the rules then you can easily become a professional.

What is head and Title Tags ?

 In <html> starting and ending tags you will perform all other works like heading, title of page. In heading tag you will put title tags, you can also use script and style in heading tags which you will read later.

<title>This is the title of my page</title>

The text will show in top bar. From where we close any browser or other windows. Title show at the top of the browser. And we used it in head tags.

What is body Tags ?

After head tags we will make body tag <body> Your body text goes here </body>. We will do our all work in body tags. In HTML Every tag has starting and closing tags But some tags have no closing or ending tags.

 Body of Website!

These are the basics of HTML about which you should know. In Next tutorial we will  learn about more HTML tags which will be helpful for layout of a website.

You will write above code in notepad or notepad++ like this.....

 I will tell you later about this code why we write this code in above way. After writing this code save as index.html or index.htm you can give it another name but i will recommend you that you must should given this name. Because if you are hosting a website on server then server will find index.html file. About these we will discuss later.

Now  open your file which you save as index.html or index.htm. It will be open in your default browser. And your output will be like this...

In above you can see output of your work. In next tutorial we will read more. I will try to upload a video tutorial about HTML.

THANKS for reading my articles.


                IT Naama TEAM

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