Thursday, 14 March 2013

Brief Intro of HTML

Hello Everybody!

Today Am Gonna Discussed with you about web designing basics language which is introduced with the name of HTML. HTML is the pronunciation of Hyper Text Markup Language. If you want to learn web designing then you first must learn HTML. Without HTML you have nothing.
For Example: If you have a lot of money but there is nothing sale for shop keepers then what the profit you can got from your money. Hope you will agree from me.
HTML is simple but necessary language for web designing. You must take start from basics then go towards Advance. It's the tech of learning.
Why HTML Introduce?
Am already tell you that it is the basic language of web designing. It's introduce for describe a page. Now am telling one more thing about editor of hml. Listen you can use notepad for editing/writing html codings. Html code are also called tags. When you write all code that you need then click on File>Save as...>main.html
You must save main.html that folder/page you want to use as your homepage. All the files will kept in one folder if you use images then kept them in that folder which you have your html document.
You can also use Adobe Dreamweaver, Front Page, Notepad or any other but file save with extension .html or .htm

After saving when you will open this document then it will be open in a new window that's called web browser. Usually in every computer already install browser are internet explore in new operating system internet explorere 8 is used.

HTML have two types of tags name as starting tag and end tag. First we use <html> tag on the start of every document. And at last use end tag </html> of every document.
Hope you will understand today taturials. Soon I will come with next and new things. In next we will discuss about header, title and body.
Thanks For reading my Post.
Give your comments so that i can improve it in a better way.

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