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Friday, 29 March 2013

Download Torrentz With IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Hope you are all will be alright. Today I take a interesting articles for you. Hope you will like this.
Am telling you that how we can download torrent directly with Internet Download Manager.
Now perform these steps to download torrent with IDM:
Create an account on and then login......................

Now this screen will be open...........

Now download or copy the link of any torrent. I recomend that you must download torrent file. But File must have seeds otherwise file will not download.
Upload this torrent on
When you will click on go after uploading torrent then this screen will show
Click on free button if you can't buy a premium accounts. In free accounts you can just upload two torrent files at a time. and other details also shown in screenshot. Screenshot also show differences between free and premium accounts.
When you will click on free/premium then file will be start caching torrernt.
When caching complete click on Download Button.............
After your click again this screen show..........
Now again click on free/premium that your account plans.
After your click this screen show and file start zipping......
You can see in above screenshot three pictures zip completing.
When zipping will complete then automatically you will seen download screen on your screen.
Now Download it and Enjoyed.
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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Now Upload Fast and Secure Your PDF Data (iN SeCondS)

Hello Everyone!
Hope you will be fine. Today am going to teach you that how you can secure your PDF Data. And Upload Large Files in Seconds. If you like my this post then give you comments below.
Some people want to upload large PDF Files but they have no net speed or they have some problem and in hurry.
Now we start......
First of all open My Computer then in menu bar open Organize then Click on Folder and Search Options. When you click on folder and search options a new window will apeared on your screen. From this window select view tab then uncheck Hide Extensions For Unknown Files Types. If Already Uncheck Then Alright.
See Below Screenshot for more help..........
After this open that folder in which you have your pdf files. Now Change Extension of this file .exe Like Below
After this make an acount on if already have an account then well and good.
Now Make a folder with the name of pdf at mediafire so that you remember after uploading that this file is pdf not .exe
 The Folder can look as.......

When you will upload first will analyse then file will uploaded without waiting.
Then Upload File it will look like this................
 After Uploading File When You will open this link it will look like.........
The main problem is their when you download it, then it will download .exe file like below same.....

 Now at this time you must change it with .pdf otherwise it will download .exe file that cann't change after that process. So, must be care full that you should change the extension of file from .exe to .pdf
 Then Download................ Happy!
Give Your Good Comments. So, that I can improve it more. Give Your Suggestions to improve my blog.
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