Friday, 3 January 2014

Free Download Face off Max

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Hope you will be fine and enjoying your life using latest technologies. Am also giving you a software that will keep you happy and you can enjoy your life with this amazing tool. Below is the description of the tool you can read it for using...


Description :-

Face off Max is the tool that edit your face. From this tool you can change faces of any two picture or one. You can also change faces more than 2 pictures as you required. This package includes some templates you can experiment on it. You can make funny pictures through this tool. It's useful for those who want to make fun. And give people to relaxation.

Features :-

You can also make a picture using it's template directory. Select object and fit them as you required. Arranging your pictures perfectly you can make funny pictures. The package also available for professional artist who want to work fastly.

Share your fun with your friends. You can easily share your designed pictures with your friends using face off max on facebook, twitter, mySpace, Yahoo, Google+ and Other Sites.

It is easy to use and understand the interface of the tool. You can also use help to get some help from where you didn't understand that what you should do. You can follow the guideline it will help you to make a perfect picture.

Text adding with Face off Max
When you make a picture and see it... you feel that it's incomplete due to some reason like captions (funny, quote text) add them through Face off Max.

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