Saturday, 4 January 2014

Free Download BitComet and Install

Hey guys today am sharing BitComet with you...
What is BitComet ? And Why we should download and use it. Read in this Article Hope it will be helpful for you.

BitComet is used for Downloading torrent files with high speed. You can set download and upload limit of BitComet. It's also light in size. You can download and install your computer speed will not effect.

BitComet is a freeware software that usually used. It's have more compatibility that it will give / show you the screen shots that kept by uploader in the file. You can use other settings which you will know after installation.

You can also login BitComet and track the history. You must choose high seedings torrents so that you can download file with full speed. You can pause a torrent and download it later and also download more than 1 files at a time.

You can set the values from options that you want. Here above and below you can see screen shots.

All Credit goes to Filehippo For Screen Shots.
Article Credit Goes To ADmin... IT Naama

IT Naama Team

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