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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Basics Information of HTML

Hello Friends!
Today am going to start again HTML. I am already given to you a brief introduction of HTML. In this tutorial I will teach you some basics of HTML. And I will also given you some settings for Notepad++.
I will recommend you Notepad++ latest version. Because it is simple to use and will give you a style to design through which you can easily edit your HTML code later. And you can build a layout of your website effectively. You can also use Dreamweaver for developing a website. But you should take start from Notepad++. I will share the link of Dreamweaver as I feel that you should use Dreamweaver now.

Now open Notepad++.

 Above window will open when you run the notepad++. Now click on setting as I highlight that tab. When you click on setting then drop down menu will show and click on Preferences. After that Below window will be open...

 When above window will open then click on Auto-Completion that is in left-bar. When you will click on Auto-Completion Below screen will open...

 Now apply these setting that you see in above window. what's there purpose you will know when you will used it. It's very effective for working fastly. Now I will come towards my topic that is the basics of HTML.

WHAT is <!DOCTYPE html> ?

It's describe that our document type is HTML. How we will use it? After reading basics I will teach you how we can use it. Using this markup tag our basic purpose is that we want to make a HTML file. It's use for internet explorer because some browser can't understand directly our HTML file still we didn't use this tag.

WHAT is <html> and </html> ?

If we will not use this tag our website will working but we will not follow the standard  rules. We must careful about the standards of Developing a Website. <html> is a starting markup tag. We tell browser that we want to make an HTML file and we will do our work in these tags. </html> is an ending markup tag that tell to browser that out HTML file closed and we don't want to work anymore. You will do your work in these tags
<!DOCTYPE html>
 Your work will be here 

You should follow the rules. If you will follow the rules then you can easily become a professional.

What is head and Title Tags ?

 In <html> starting and ending tags you will perform all other works like heading, title of page. In heading tag you will put title tags, you can also use script and style in heading tags which you will read later.

<title>This is the title of my page</title>

The text will show in top bar. From where we close any browser or other windows. Title show at the top of the browser. And we used it in head tags.

What is body Tags ?

After head tags we will make body tag <body> Your body text goes here </body>. We will do our all work in body tags. In HTML Every tag has starting and closing tags But some tags have no closing or ending tags.

 Body of Website!

These are the basics of HTML about which you should know. In Next tutorial we will  learn about more HTML tags which will be helpful for layout of a website.

You will write above code in notepad or notepad++ like this.....

 I will tell you later about this code why we write this code in above way. After writing this code save as index.html or index.htm you can give it another name but i will recommend you that you must should given this name. Because if you are hosting a website on server then server will find index.html file. About these we will discuss later.

Now  open your file which you save as index.html or index.htm. It will be open in your default browser. And your output will be like this...

In above you can see output of your work. In next tutorial we will read more. I will try to upload a video tutorial about HTML.

THANKS for reading my articles.


                IT Naama TEAM

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Getting Up and Running

Am already telling to you that what is html and which editors is used for html and how we will save it and much more.
Now today am going to tell you the a long view/idea of html.
Main Page of Websites?

Am already telling you about the main page that how we will save it. Main Page of websites is opened by default. It's also known as homepage of website.
What is URL?

URL is the pronunciation of Universal Source Locator. Main part of url is known as domain name. when anybody open a url that you will give for your site through that url he can see your websites. It's also known as web address.
Creating and Publishing Websites :

  • The pages that contain HTML tags / instructions are saved as .html or .htm extensions.
  • Files that are used commonly for a website designing.........     Cascading Style Sheet (.css) ,    Graphics (.jpg ,   .gif ,    .png) ,  Javascript (.js) ,     Flash Movies (.swf)
  • After that upload your websites at any web hosting servers.
Exploring Your Website Choices :

  • Convince of online blogging tools
  • Most flexibility:  Building your own websites
  • Exploring your websites choices
  • Compromise:  Using an online site builder
  • Surf and Study:  Discovering what works and what does not
                    Identify what you like and dislike about the design of the website.
                    Consider the overall "time" of the site
                    Look for the overall messaging of the website
                    Check out the site's navigation
                    Identify the technology being used

It's Enough for this post next we will tell you later. You can easily learn how we can make a website free through Blogger and Wordpress.

                                    Thanks For Reading our post........

                    IT Naama Team

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Brief Intro of HTML

Hello Everybody!

Today Am Gonna Discussed with you about web designing basics language which is introduced with the name of HTML. HTML is the pronunciation of Hyper Text Markup Language. If you want to learn web designing then you first must learn HTML. Without HTML you have nothing.
For Example: If you have a lot of money but there is nothing sale for shop keepers then what the profit you can got from your money. Hope you will agree from me.
HTML is simple but necessary language for web designing. You must take start from basics then go towards Advance. It's the tech of learning.
Why HTML Introduce?
Am already tell you that it is the basic language of web designing. It's introduce for describe a page. Now am telling one more thing about editor of hml. Listen you can use notepad for editing/writing html codings. Html code are also called tags. When you write all code that you need then click on File>Save as...>main.html
You must save main.html that folder/page you want to use as your homepage. All the files will kept in one folder if you use images then kept them in that folder which you have your html document.
You can also use Adobe Dreamweaver, Front Page, Notepad or any other but file save with extension .html or .htm

After saving when you will open this document then it will be open in a new window that's called web browser. Usually in every computer already install browser are internet explore in new operating system internet explorere 8 is used.

HTML have two types of tags name as starting tag and end tag. First we use <html> tag on the start of every document. And at last use end tag </html> of every document.
Hope you will understand today taturials. Soon I will come with next and new things. In next we will discuss about header, title and body.
Thanks For reading my Post.
Give your comments so that i can improve it in a better way.

Good Luck.......

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