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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fun Time

Everyone How are you?
Hope You will be fine.......
There are two jokes waiting for you so that you can read them and enjoy them.............

First I shared a Joke That Hopefully you liked...........
Be Happy.............
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Saturday, 16 March 2013


Kamzoor hai

wo Shakhas Jo

" Dost "

Na Bana Saky

Aur Uss sy bhi

 kamzoor wo Shakhas hai

Jo bana hua 

" doSt "

Kho Dy...... 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Badshah Aur Sunaar

1 Badshah ko 1 Larki Pasand aa gai...........
Uss larki ka baap sunaar tha............
Badshah ney sunaar ko darbaar mei bulaya

4 din guzarny k bawajud bhi Sunaar Badshah k darbaar na aya

Tu Badshah ney sunaar ko griftaar kerny k l;iye sipahi bhejy

Jb wo sunaar k ghr puhnchy tu ghr ko tala lga hua tha

Badshah ny sipahiyoon ko hukam diya k sunaar ko Dhondoo......

Sipahiyoon ney sunaar ko har jgah dhonda lekin wo un ko
wo kahein na mila aur sipakiyoon ka sara waqt aisy barbaad gya jaisy
Ap ka sms ko parhney mei...................... :P

Christina Georgina Rossetti

My heart is liking a singing bird.
                                               A birthday

Better be for you should forget and smile
than that you should remember and be sad.
                                               A birthday

Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone for away into the silent land.
                                               Sonnet Remember

All earth is full rivers can not fill
the sea that drinking thristeth still.
                                               By the sea

One day in the country is worth a
month in town.

Silence more musical then any song.
                                               Sonnet. Rest.

Meri Ghazloon Ko

Meri Ghazloon Ko Sunn ker kiya mily ga?
Faqt lafz afsurdagi, mujh ko yaqin hy.......
Mery ashaar mei baatein hein uss ki........
Tumhary kaam ka kuch bhi nahi hai........

Wafa Museebat Hai Jafa Museebat Hai

Wafa museebat hai Jafa museebat hai
Mareez-e-ishq hoon shifa museebat hai

Ab ja k yeh baat mery dil ko lagi hai
Ke charagh hath mei hu tu hawa museebat hai

Ik umar lagae rakha seeny sy muhabat ko
Aur phr phaink diya k kiya museebat hai

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hello Everyone!

Hope you will be fine and enjoy with different amazing moments of life. Today you can enjoy everything at your houses. You don't need to come outside from your houses. 
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