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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Adobe Illustrator ( Video Taturials )

How are you all?
Today I am gonna to share with you something amazing collection of videos that your need. Some people want to learn adobe illustrator and they have no source to learn. But know you can learn easily without surfing money.

I have some collection of videos in which you can easily learn Adobe Illustrator CS6.
It is the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. With the help of Adobe Illustrator you can easily design poster and pdf books of high quality.
PDF books never change/badly pixels. It have high quality pixels.
From this you can easily design different graphics. We can amazingly design different thing within a minute with the help of Adobe Illustrator CS 6.
I have found a link of torrent that preferable in Europe Countries. You can Download it with IDM that trick I shared with you already. Go at trick CLICK HERE.
Some Design:
I found this trick and share it with you. So, that if you did not like utorrent then you can downlload it with other Download Manager.
You Can check some sample that designed by Adobe Illustrator.

You can see that above design are very beautiful. Some people see design and want to design by himself. So, I provided that p;atform to all of you.
You can also ask me about any designing collection or designing tip.

Download Link:

I hope you will must comment on my post. So, that I can improve my next posts. And Give you some usefull tips that I have not in my mind.

  1. I will recommend to learn from taturials. Do not start first learning it's tools. Because when you will perform it then you can learn fastly about it's tools. If you remember it's tools first then you can forget them easily because you don't know what task they are perform. It is the basic tip that you must kept in your mind.
  2. Now learn from that basic taturial from that you want to become a professional. Let's suppose you want to become a graphic designer you started from basics of graphic designer. In this way you can got high attachments in few days.
  3. The most important tip is that you must design something yourself daily. You must have a creativity in your design. Don't copy to others. Just create yourself. The creativity will teach you many things that you can not learn from others.
  4. I recommend you to first learning text designing. Because it's very simple and create some abilities to you. You can learn a lot of things from text designing.
Now Am gonna to searching something more amazing for you that you can pick easily.

Your Friendly Team:            
                                                     Zed Core

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