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Friday, 15 March 2013

Meri Ghazloon Ko

Meri Ghazloon Ko Sunn ker kiya mily ga?
Faqt lafz afsurdagi, mujh ko yaqin hy.......
Mery ashaar mei baatein hein uss ki........
Tumhary kaam ka kuch bhi nahi hai........

Wafa Museebat Hai Jafa Museebat Hai

Wafa museebat hai Jafa museebat hai
Mareez-e-ishq hoon shifa museebat hai

Ab ja k yeh baat mery dil ko lagi hai
Ke charagh hath mei hu tu hawa museebat hai

Ik umar lagae rakha seeny sy muhabat ko
Aur phr phaink diya k kiya museebat hai

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