Thursday, 18 April 2013

Getting Up and Running

Am already telling to you that what is html and which editors is used for html and how we will save it and much more.
Now today am going to tell you the a long view/idea of html.
Main Page of Websites?

Am already telling you about the main page that how we will save it. Main Page of websites is opened by default. It's also known as homepage of website.
What is URL?

URL is the pronunciation of Universal Source Locator. Main part of url is known as domain name. when anybody open a url that you will give for your site through that url he can see your websites. It's also known as web address.
Creating and Publishing Websites :

  • The pages that contain HTML tags / instructions are saved as .html or .htm extensions.
  • Files that are used commonly for a website designing.........     Cascading Style Sheet (.css) ,    Graphics (.jpg ,   .gif ,    .png) ,  Javascript (.js) ,     Flash Movies (.swf)
  • After that upload your websites at any web hosting servers.
Exploring Your Website Choices :

  • Convince of online blogging tools
  • Most flexibility:  Building your own websites
  • Exploring your websites choices
  • Compromise:  Using an online site builder
  • Surf and Study:  Discovering what works and what does not
                    Identify what you like and dislike about the design of the website.
                    Consider the overall "time" of the site
                    Look for the overall messaging of the website
                    Check out the site's navigation
                    Identify the technology being used

It's Enough for this post next we will tell you later. You can easily learn how we can make a website free through Blogger and Wordpress.

                                    Thanks For Reading our post........

                    IT Naama Team

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